FRI 4/28 | Youngsville at Chances R

Come out on a beautiful spring Friday to San Marcos’s favorite pub,Chances R, and enjoy a mix of indie, folk and rock n’ roll by new-locals:Youngsville!

Featuring a set of folk-songs and improve by Carlos The Tall.

Music starts at 9:30, get there early to enjoy some drinks out on the patio.

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Youngsville LIVE at “Chances R” in San Marcos, Texas. April 28th, 2017

SONG OF THE WEEK: Why do I Kneel Down to Pray?

A song that came to me in a dream. The “bridge” is a true story. In my dream, George Harrison (Yes, of “The Beatles”) and I were walking in Mexico. He was singing this song to me and asked me to harmonize with him as we were walking. We ended up going into a church that was full of people who were also singing this song. I woke up singing the chorus and couldn’t get it out of my head. I sat in bed and composed the outline for the lyrics while I was still waking up.

Youngsville, 23 (San Antonio) | Wake The Dead Coffeehouse | Fri 4/7

Youngsville are happy to support the San Antonio based band: 23. on Friday 4/7/2017 at Wake the Dead Coffee House in San Marcos, TX at 7pm.

Youngsville open for San Antonio band, 23. Friday April 7th 2017 at Wake the Dead Coffeehouse in San Marcos, TX

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